Our Services

We take pride in our ability to integrate and immerse ourselves in our clients’ corporate environments and with their teams so that we can understand their markets and challenges to help strategize, plan, and execute.

We focus on two key areas – business consulting and software development.

Our highly talented and experienced team of software architects, developers, product analysts, and UI/UX experts, can help you develop B2B and B2C web and mobile applications from concepts. We can integrate with your team and execute in a ‘one-team’ model or we can operate independently and deliver your projects from concept to completion.
Leveraging our experience and our network, we help clients with business expansion and market development strategies. We also help our clients to assess markets, technologies, and competition to define products, product roadmaps and define go-to-market plans including developing sales collaterals.
Business expansion and market development strategies
Product strategy, roadmaps, and product line management

Areas of

Market/competition research, analysis, and assessment
Go-to-market/sales strategy
Sales collaterals development

Areas of

Enterprise B2B applications
Web applications – .Net, Node.js, React.js
Mobile applications – iOS, Android, Xamerin, Flutter, React Native
Software architecture for self-healing, high-availability enterprise/web applications
Responsive, journey-driven mobile-first UI/UX designs and UX testing
Software testing/QA
Our track record shows that we excel at managing ourselves and let our clients focus their attention on business-critical activities for expanding their businesses.

Engage us. We understand execution is key to success.

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