We support international clients from a variety of markets. Our client list includes Intel (semiconductors | USA), Tyre Stewardship Australia (tyre recycling | Australia), SE Health (healthcare | Canada), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (HVAC systems | Australia), Sparkle Computers (electronics hardware | Taiwan), New Earth Solutions (IoT | Canada), FIO (medical instrumentation | Canada) and many more.

Our diverse experience gives us the ability to quickly integrate ourselves with clients’ teams to understand their challenges to help strategize, plan, and execute together.

Intel Corporation, USA
We provided business and product strategy consultation to Intel’s Thunderbolt Group to lead their efforts to make high-performance computer gaming possible from thin-and-light laptops and select macOS computers by using an external graphics processor unit (eGPU) connected to the laptop using the Thunderbolt 3 interface. We engaged with world-leading PC OEMs, AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft, and other peripheral manufacturers to evangelize, promote and drive the development and deployment of this technology/solution. We also helped define the strategy for marketing the solution globally.
Tyre Stewardship Australia, Australia
Tyre Stewardship Australia is a non-profit organization that manages the national Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme in Australia. It helps manage the recycling of the tyres at the end of their lifecycle with the goal of ensuring environmentally sound management of the recycling of millions of tyres at the end of their lives. We developed a web application for digitally managing the end-of-life transactions of used tyres so that the operators in the scheme can easily track and manage these activities using their smartphones. Together with TSA’s reporting application, when fully deployed, this digital transactions management solution will provide TSA and the participating organizations with real-time data to help efficiently manage the recycling operations and the industry as a whole.
Saint Elizabeth Health Care, Canada
Saint Elizabeth Health Care is one of the largest home care providers in Canada that provides a range of health care solutions for patients and the health system across the country. Integrated as their extended development team, we are developing web and mobile applications, focused on productivity and operations, for use by their service delivery staff. Furthermore, we also develop mobile apps for patients that improve their day-to-day lives.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Australia
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioners Australia Pty Ltd (MHIAA) is a major supplier of commercial and residential air conditioning products in Australia and other South Pacific countries. We redesigned the company’s web portal with a secured product database for their registered regional distributors to log in and search availability and order products. Technologies employed: Joomla (web portal), .Net (web app), SQL (database).
ventureLab, Canada
ventureLAB is one of Canada’s leading government-funded technology incubators helping early-stage hardware and software companies develop and bring their solutions to market. We are consulting for ventureLab to advise and guide their client companies on assessing markets, modelling forecasts, developing products, IP strategy, lead generation and customer engagements including preparing the companies for raising capital.
Fio Corporation, Canada
Fio is a medical instrumentation company with an innovative mobile diagnostic device that improves the accuracy of in-field tests and synchronizes that data with a web-based real-time record tracking solution for infectious disease control. Fio contracted bbigg to help complete some of the quality procedures necessary to satisfy the ISO 13485 Quality Management certification for the design and manufacture of Fio’s mobile medical devices. Fio also leveraged bbigg’s business expertise to develop the company’s revenue/cost models and set up sales/service processes to commercialize Fio’s solution. Fio also asked bbigg to review Coke’s franchised operation model and develop a proposal for the company to implement similar franchised distribution operations in Africa and Latin America.
Aversan, Canada
Aversan is an AS9100C and ISO9001:2008 certified engineering company offering products and engineering services in Aerospace, Defense, and eHealth markets. Developed company’s initial business presentation; reviewed customer’s requirements for unit testing of an aircraft control system software, developed project proposal, presented and closed Aversan’s first multi-million dollar contract with Honeywell Canada. This initial project enabled the startup to stabilize and expand itself to become the successful technology outsourcing company that it is today.
GestureTek Inc, Canada
Founded in 1986, GestureTek is the pioneer of gesture-controlled solutions such as immersive surfaces, digital signage, and games/entertainment. The company consulted bbigg to assess the market and provide strategic business expansion and product development options for the company. We analyzed the various market segments, reviewed available technologies, trends, and competition and, based on our analysis, provided a detailed report and our recommendations for the company. Using this independent market assessment and report, GestureTek positioned its IP and development group for sale. We met with their investment banker and, during the discussions, recommended that they include Qualcomm in the list of companies to pursue. As we anticipated, Qualcomm eventually purchased this group.

And many more…

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