What people are saying about DigiMagic:

"DigiMagic is a good app to amuse ourselves and amaze others with.  So go ahead and put everyone around you in a DigiMagic spell."  ... 5 of 5 STARS ...  iPhoneFootprint.com 

"There is no way to butter it up; for 99 cents, you get a magical overload who will suss out that one number in your head...  DigiMagic had me from the welcome screen..."   TouchMyApps.com

"Great app for kids and adults alike. My daughter played it a few dozen times and even a week later she was showing [it] to her grandparents, cousins and friends.  Love the twists  at the end."    Barlow-Gumi, on iTunes App Store (Canada)

"My daughter loves it and finds it cool, wants to show her friend. My son especially gets a big kick trying to fool Zaedyn with the wrong answers on purpose."     Don A. (Canada)


DigiMagic is a fun application that will impress you and your friends. You think of a number between 1 and 50 and our wizard Zaedyn will figure out that number. 

Zaedyn will show you a few pages full of numbers and will ask you to simply indicate which pages contain the number in your mind. Don't touch the numbers on the screen.  Don't say your number aloud to anyone.  Don't even whisper it. Simply touch 'Yes' if the number in your mind is on the page and 'No' if it is not. 

Zaedyn may ask you to touch the magical Orb if he is having difficulty reading your mind. 

And... Abracadabra... Alakazam...  Your chosen number appears inside Zaedyn's orb! 

It's mystical!  It's magical!!  We are sure you will be impressed.  And your friends shall be too.  Have fun!


1.    Mystical story telling with Zaedyn that is appealing to everyone 

2.    Cool graphics, animations & sound effects 

3.    Completely random numbers that make the game play more intriguing

4.    Vibration to enhance sound effects 


Languages:   English


- Requires iOS 3.0 or later

- Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch