The idea for our company sparked years ago in 1998 when we started promoting graphics processors that enabled better multimedia and gaming on notebook computers which were primarily used for text-based computing then.  As senior marketing and business development leaders, we did it again between 2003 and 2008 bringing these and a multitude of other capabilities to mobile phones and smartphones.  Working with the world’s top-7 mobile phone manufacturers, we influenced the adoption of these capabilities in nearly 100 phone designs.  These manufacturers shipped well over 300 million phones to consumers enabled with technologies we promoted.

As we saw social networks evolving and the mobile platforms becoming the ideal choice for ubiquitous connectivity, our passion for establishing a company to take advantage of our knowledge in the PC, mobile and web technologies grew and we formed bbigg in 2009.  Although the initial objective was to offer applications, since our expertise spanned a number of areas – engineering development, product management, marketing, business strategy development and sales – we evolved into providing business consulting services while continuing to develop the foundation needed for our own mobile and web applications. 

As we expanded our consulting engagements, we found that most companies in the early stages of a new business expansion, in trying to strategically avoid hiring full-time staff, opted to hire consultants and/or contract employees even when they don’t have capable people to manage these new resources.  We noticed, as a consequence, they find it very challenging to achieve their objectives.  We realized that by strategically repositioning ourselves, we can offer these companies better solutions suitable for their business expansion activities.

Consequently, early in 2012 we restructured bbigg to leverage our technology expertise, business experience and professional network to help these growing organizations with expanded Business Consulting, Applications and Web Solutions Development services while strengthening our position to develop, launch and promote our own solutions to directly reach consumers in markets we are passionate about - imaging, education and other specific vertical markets.